Does the best player make the best coach?

A "natural" ... me?

What qualifies me to coach anyone in communication, leadership or self-confidence? Is it because I was born a scintillating communicator, inspirational leader or totally assured entrepreneur?

No! Just the opposite! I don't believe that anyone was born with any interpersonal skills ready-made and so we have to learn them. But we aren't necessarily aware that we are learning. The people who seem to be "naturals" are simply those who started to learn their special skill very early in life and weren't conscious of the process - it just seemed natural to them.

As a child, I learned some beliefs and behaviours to do with relating to other people that were reasonably effective, but not special. I also learned a few that caused me problems for most of my life.

I was fortunate enough to meet people who showed me how to break free of my self-imposed limitations and to substitute positive beliefs and strategies. And because I have had to learn these things myself, consciously, I have a strong insight into how to learn them - something that a "natural" leader wouldn't even recognise as a problem!

I also have first-hand experience of many of the barriers that can make the task seem impossible. These all arise from what we believe about ourselves and the world around us. Beliefs determine the reality that we experience, irrespective of what is "really" real!

Remember Henry Ford's saying,

"Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can't, you're right!"

Dave Rawlings - a brief biography

Dave Dave received his BA degree in Physics from Oxford University and later completed a PhD in Applied Mathematics.

After graduating he joined Smith & Nephew, the global medical organisation. During his career Dave has managed many R&D teams and was inventor of a Queen's Award-winning innovation.

As Director of Quality, Planning & Information, he was involved in the design and implementation of numerous culture-change programmes in the areas of Total Quality Management and of Knowledge Management. He is co-author of a book on the application of quality systems to R&D.

Under the name Change Work Coaching, Dave now coaches professionals to improve their management skills and to deal effectively with change.

Building on his extensive management experience Dave has specialised in developing people rather than systems. He has coached individuals in personal change and has delivered workshops on communication skills and personal goals to over 100 scientists.

He is also a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (International NLP Trainers Association accredited) and is a Professional Member of The Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Dave has been a member of the Board of Management of the Quality Methods Association and represented Smith & Nephew on the Board of YORTEK. He is active in his local community, contributing to the Parish Plan, running the village website and chairing the Community Renewable Energy Group.

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