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NLP Techniques for supreme confidence at work, at home, in life A programme of 8 practical steps that will produce immediate effects.
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Discover the secrets of great leaders How to influence and lead your team. Inspire them to achieve more than they believed they could!
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If you're interested in the background to the ideas presented in these pages, I can recommend some useful books. For NLP, you might start with one of these:

Introducing NLP - Joseph O'Connor & John Seymour
This is probably the best, most comprehensive introduction to NLP. I always recommend it to clients as a starting point for studying the subject. It's very much a textbook in style, so might not appeal to everyone, but if you're only going to read one book on NLP, I'd make it this one.

NLP Workbook - Joseph O'Connor
Another great book from Joseph O'Connor. It contains practical exercises and a guide to which NLP technique to use with which problem - so I regard it as a Practitioner's reference rather than a general introduction. However, it's perfectly readable as a first exposure to the subject and a bit lighter than "Introducing NLP".

NLP: The New Technology of Achievement - Steve Andreas & Charles Faulkner
Another introduction, and another style. Much more a personal development book than an academic account of NLP. Lots of exercises and case studies, laid out rather like a journey, culminating in the "21-Day Unlimited Achievement Program"!

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