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What's your problem?
You've come to this page because there's something you want that you can't seem to get. Or there's something you want to get rid of that won't go away! Either way, you're unhappy and frustrated and you're looking for ideas and help so you can break out.

You probably already know the following, but let me emphasise it anyway:

if you want to make rapid changes in your life then you have to change yourself.

There's no getting away from it. Unless you win the lottery, there's no prospect of your life changing if you stay the same.

So what do you need to do?
Books and self-teaching courses can give you the essential information, but they don't challenge you to be honest with yourself and to really stretch your abilities and your expectations. Perhaps you've tried these already and failed to make any significant impact. Time For Change

What's missing is the "how" - and that comes with practice. Ask any top level exponent of any sport or skill and they'll tell you that practice is critical. But it's not everything. You have to be practising things that work! They are the mental and physical "patterns" that experts use and that you can copy (model) or that you can develop yourself - in both cases with the help of a coach.

But this can work the other way round - so you get better and better at doing things that don't work! And once you allow yourself to believe that something is impossible for you, then you'll find yourself practising that state of incapacity all the time!

Winning strategy
All of your skills, tricks and preferences add up to your "winning strategy". It's the way you do things and it has got you to where you are now. But if you're starting to feel stuck and unable to move on, then you may have reached the limit of what your winning strategy can achieve for you. To break out of this, you'll have to do things you haven't done before. Things you don't know how to do, way beyond your comfort zone. Things you believe are ruled out because you're "not that kind of person".

Perhaps you have difficulty influencing other people. Why can't they see the "rightness" of what you're saying? Why aren't they interested in following your lead? How do you remain calm and effective in the face of conflict?

Confidence Level Even if you haven't consciously thought these thoughts, your unconscious mind has been making choices for you that are limited by your underlying beliefs about what is possible.

What can you do?
Let's have a conversation about what you want to achieve and explore how that can happen. A coaching programme will guide you through exercises to raise your self-awareness with the effect of uncovering the obstacles in your head. Just knowing what they are will make a massive difference, but we'll continue with exercises targeted at overcoming those obstacles and giving you the new skills you need.

Top performers will tell you that a personal coach is essential to progressing beyond a certain level. That level is where you can get to on your own - probably where you are now...

What do you need to bring to this programme?
The only significant qualification required is your motivation. That is your willingness to take action to get what you want. I stress that this is about changing yourself (with my help) - it most definitely is not about me making things better without any effort from you.

So, are you up for it? By responding to this invitation you will prove that you are motivated!

Use the box below to tell me, in as much detail as you like, what it is you need help with. I'll respond by email and we'll take it from there. There's nothing to pay until we've discussed things and agreed the details of your personal programme.

As a guide, 2 sessions per month (phone or Skype) for 3 months plus access to online training materials comes for a once-only payment of £397 (incl VAT).

or email me:

Best wishes,

Dave Rawlings

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