How To Be Brilliant

Don't let fear of looking bad in front of others hold you back any longer - with this simple technique you can do anything you want!

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Whether it's in public speaking, job interviews, managing others or dealing with "difficult" people, sometimes, deep down you know that what's holding you back is fear. Maybe you're intimidated by authority figures or perhaps you're just afraid of looking foolish. Whatever the particular trigger that spooks you, the result is that you prepare yourself for the event by mentally practising getting it all wrong!

So it's not surprising that what you fear happening happens - and your negative expectations are reinforced, ready for next time.

But you don't have to do that any more!

This report explains in complete detail how to develop new skills in those areas where your emotions have always got in the way. You can prepare yourself for any situation so that you breeze through, just as if you'd done it many times before. And the preparation doesn't involve any public humiliation or exposure.

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Dave Rawlings

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