Personal coaching

Puppet I can help you to learn new skills, overcome your personal barriers and achieve greater success. I do this through programmes of personal coaching that are individually designed to meet each client's specific needs. Using the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, added to 28 years experience of R&D management, I help people to achieve what they thought was impossible for them.

Achieve more

I use specific techniques to clarify your goals and build your motivation towards them. This focuses your attention on the payoff rather than the problems and really builds your desire to achieve what you want. You need to set goals that are challenging otherwise you will only repeat what you've done before. Building on your values and new beliefs, you'll be able to commit to seemingly impossible goals. You'll then be free to focus on the actions and skills required to move towards them.

I teach you tools that enable you to improve your performance in anything you want to do - even those things that you've always been anxious about. This means that you can get more done and enjoy it more.

Challenging goals

Whether you need to be more confident, more excited or more calm, there are simple techniques that allow you to get into the state you need to be in whenever you need it.

Together we'll review your values and your purpose. When you're comfortable with these you'll be able to enjoy the rewards you earn as well as good relationships with friends and colleagues.

Your values aren't always obvious to you and you may feel that you don't have a worthwhile purpose in businesss or in life. I'll help you to explore and understand what's most important to you so that you can make sure that what you're doing is in alignment.

Get rid of self-imposed barriers

I can help you to explore your own beliefs: the ones that help you and the ones that hold you back. By reframing your negative beliefs you will be liberated to fulfil your true potential.

My approach goes beyond conventional training that focuses on "what" to do. Together we will unpick the internal thinking patterns that constitute how you do it. Usually, even an expert themselves can't articulate these patterns; they are unconscious. I have techniques to unravel all of this and to make it accessible to anyone.

I guarantee that you will experience a significant change in outlook and capability as a result of working with me. All I ask is that you are ready to change and that you take a positive approach to the coaching activities that I invite you to undertake.

Phone me, Dave Rawlings, on 01751 417765 and tell me about your development priorities.

Or take a look at my intensive personal coaching programme.